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Moderators Reply: 2022-04-19 06:01:30
Hi Syam,

Thanks for your interest in our JETTA EA111 downpipe.
We have replied the details to your Gmail.
Please help to check your email box.

Thank you,
APECTRUM Performance.
2022-04-16 18:36:33

Christian Monge
Do you have a n13 catted downpipe?
Moderators Reply: 2022-04-01 05:42:57
Hi Christian,

Thanks for your message.
Yes, we do have BMW F20 N13 Sport Cat. downpipe for 118/120i.
You can find more details in our product webpage:

All the best,
Apectrum Performance
2022-03-31 21:24:22

Christian Monge
Hi. I was looking at the sport downpipe for the N13 engine. Price? Do you have a dealer in Europe?

Thx. Christian
Moderators Reply: 2022-04-01 05:44:51
Hi Mr. Monge,

Thanks for your message.

We have replied the information to your Gmail.

Best regards,
Apectrum Performance
2022-03-31 03:10:21

Im interested in brace set for Mk6 GTi, what is the price shipped to Czech Republic?
Moderators Reply: 2022-04-01 05:51:00
Hi Radek,

Thanks for your message.

We have replied the details to your email, please check.

Thanks again for your interesting in our products.

Best regards,
Apectrum Performance
2022-03-27 21:08:22

Hi. i would like to enquire the golf mk6 1.4tsi twincharge. 200cell sport cat downpipe. where can i purchase from you?
Moderators Reply: 2021-10-27 06:12:08
Hi Isaac,

Thanks for your message.
We''ve Golf MK6 1.4TSI single charged (122~125HP) with 200 cell sport cat. downpipe. It is also available in stocks.
But we don''t have twin-charged (160HP) downpipe.

Thanks & Regards,
Apectrum Customer Service
2021-10-26 16:17:53

Syahril Rizal
hi, where can I buy apectrum catalytic converter for Peugeot RCZ in Malaysia? Can I buy directly from your company? How much?

Syahril Rizal
Kuala Lumpur
Moderators Reply: 2020-09-01 06:18:01
Dear Syahril,

Thanks for your inquiry.

We''ve replied the details to your Gmail account.

Best regards,
Apectrum Customer Service
2020-08-31 15:05:10

Joaquin Serra
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Moderators Reply: 2020-04-13 06:18:21
Dear Joaquin,

Thanks for your message.
Sorry, currently we don''t have brace products for VW Tiguan 1.4TSI 2018.
But still appreciate your consideration with our company.

Apectrum Performance
2020-04-11 22:13:09

David Cloete
Hey Guys,

Where do I buy your products from in New Zealand?


Moderators Reply: 2020-01-21 12:17:25
Hi David,

Thanks for your post.
We''ve replied you via email. Please help to check, thank you.

Apectrum customer service
2020-01-21 10:12:08